Subject Re: [IBO] (almost) any other layer
Author Nando Dessena

> What I believe would be needed right off is someone who is good with C who
> can assist in porting the existing code over to Pascal.
> The hardest part of it I think is to reverse engineer the client protocol
> and manage the dynamic memory and buffer spaces.

in the last incarnations of Delphi and Kylix, Borland has made the
compiler (or, more precisely, the linker) able to link a particular kind
of dcu file obtained from a C object file (or perhaps a lib file, I
don't know). The unit MidasLib.dcu, which statically links the
equivalent of midas.dll into an executable is an example of this
arrangement. Same applies for dbx drivers.
Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, Borland has not released the tool
to produce these special dcus (yet). I don't know if Borland can be
persuaded to do it, but since the sources for the gds32.dll are publicly
available, being able to have it as a dcu would have many advantages
over your proposed approach, one being that you don't have to take over
the development of a different IB client, another that you would be able
to implement the whole thing in hours.