Subject Re: [IBO] (almost) any other layer
Author Jason Wharton

I agree this would be a VERY nice feature. It's just that installing the
IBClient has been so easy that I didn't make it a priority to accomplish
this. But, as much havoc as the GDS32.DLL has been over the years it is a
very tempting thing to undertake. I also see it becoming an issue where one
version conflicts with another. It would be nice to make a flexible version
that would tame this mess.

Is there anyone out there who would be willing to work with me on such an

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] (almost) any other layer

> When I read this:
> ---------------
> IB Objects - direct, complete, custom connectivity to Firebird or
> InterBase without the need for BDE, ODBC or any other layer.
> ---------------
> I think to myself... I wish the "any other layer" part were true all the
> way to the IB server. In other words, it would be great to have
> database components that speak directly to Interbase, not using
> GDS32.DLL.
> This would be the Delphi equivalent of a Type 4 JDBC driver. In the
> Java world these are common. In the Delphi world, I think there are
> already such components for MySQL and Oracle.
> Is this remotely feasible? Or is there a whole lot of magic in the
> Interbase client side, in GDS32.DLL?
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