Subject RE: [IBO] Monitoring open transactions
Author Bill Morrison
Hopefully somebody can offer a better way, but thus far the only way I've
seen to get any kind of transaction information is to go through the IB
Server Console and get the database statistics. This will at least let you
see if a transaction somewhere is preventing the OAT from advancing.


Bill M

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Subject: [IBO] Monitoring open transactions

Is there a straightforward way to get a real-time display of what
transaction are active in an IB database? I want to run such a thing
and keep an eye on a few Interbase applications to see what they are
doing, see if they are keeping transactions open longer than

Is this something that would have to be done at the IBO level (it
certainly seems possible to build with the IBO Monitor component), or
could I somehow monitor an entire IB server / non-IBO applications?

Kyle Cordes

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