Subject Re: [IBO] Fast Report and IBO Native Query Components.
> The facility most liked by my customers is is creation of Report
> emulation Text Files and printing of data exactly they see in
> IB Grids. This was possible due to IBODatapipelines.

Don't know what that is so I won't comment.

> Q. 1.> Does IBO has any connecting comp. for FR ?

The registered version of FastReport will give you access to
any native component in you application.

There is a TIBOQuery component that can be used on a report
page, but that is incompatible with the native stuff in the
application. I have a TIB_Query component but it needs a
little further work.

> Q. 2.> Does FR supports Report Emulation Text Files ?

FastReport uses .frf files to define a report. In
conjunction with IBO, all of the queries in the application
can be accessed directly from the report - which is how I
print data.

FastReport allows you to build dialog forms to set up some
of the selections in the report designer. In conjunction
with this, you can add additional queries on the dialog, and
it is this area that still needs a little more work for a
fully IBO Native solution.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services