Subject Re: [IBO] negative master-child possible ?
Author Ed Malloy
Hello spou,

I don't think that this is too difficult.

I assume that the access rights for the table & the "All access rights" are
strings. In that case the the third "grid" could be a stringgrid that is
calculated as the difference (I would parse the "existing" and "all" strings,
and find the difference and display that string in the third grid, eithat as a
string, or maybe as a list that the user could use to add to "existing".



spou@... wrote:
> Hi there. it's me again, with an other "newbie question of the
> day(TM)"
> /<serious mode on>/
> I would like to know how can I do a negative master-child link.
> I am working on a group rights system, a bit like you can see in many
> admin software, such as NT group admin.
> I have 3 grids.
> -the first one gives the list of existing groups:
> "select group_name, group_id from group_reference"
> -the second grid, a child linked of the first one, gives access rights
> assigned to the group:
> "select group_id, rights_allowed from permissions"
> with a masterlink of "group_reference.group_id=permission.group_id"
> -I would like the third grid to give the other available rights,
> *minus* the ones already displayed in grid 2, something like:
> "select right_name,right_id from rights"
> with a masterlink of "permission.right_allowed<>rights.right_id"
> this would allow to completely automatize the display of all the
> rights depending on the group selected in grind 1.
> all that would be left would be transfert the right_id from/to the
> available grid by adding or deleting the right_id in the permission
> table
> maybe I'm not clear enough, if so, feel free to ask clarification.
> TIA for any help,
> Spou
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