Subject Threaded transaction not advancing
Author Bill Morrison
I'm having a weird problem with 3.6.Dg running against IB 5.6.

I have a datamodule that I am creating in a thread. This datamodule has a
TIB_Connection component, to TIB_Transactions (tiCommitted), and some cursor
and dsql components.

Now, if this datamodule is created outside of the thread (I was
inadvertantly creating it in the thread's constructor (main thread
context)), then everything runs fine, and the transactions advance normally.

However, once I started creating the datamodule in the threads execute
method, the OAT and OIT will cease advancing on the server.

All of the cursors and dsql are connected to one or the other transactions,
and the transactions are committing every ten seconds or so. Even manually
setting a breakpoint and committing them in debug mode will not increment
the OAT and OIT.

Interestingly, if I look at the transactioncount property of the
TIB_Transaction, it returns 3. I thus assume that the third transaction is
being created internally for some IBO internal housekeeping, and is for some
reason not incrementing it's OAT.

Any assistance with this problem would be greatly appreciated!

Bill Morrison