Subject Re: [IBO] BufferSynchroFlags don't work
Author Radovan Antloga
I have recreated test database with dialect=3. Before I have dialect=1.
I think this should not make any difference but now I can see new record
after post and when I Refresh it is in right position in grid.
I will try to find out what I was doing wrong.

I was looking at IB_Grid and it looks great but I can't change all now
I will do it step by step. Thank you all very much for your time.

Best Regards
Rado Antloga
For test I'm using DbGrid because it is easy to use than DeveloperExpress grid.

If you are trying things out, use an IB_Query and an
IB_Grid, and see what happens. I dropped all other girds
over a year ago and find that the IB_Grid does everthing
that I want - and more.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services

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