Subject Re: [IBO] BufferSynchroFlags don't work
> I would like refresh a row - with trigger-insert column -
> in a grid after I post the row.
> I read all previously messages, and in all of them are this
> advice: set BufferSynchroFlags: after insert, after update
> flag to true.
> I set them, but instead of refresh the row, the row
> disappears from the grid!! (it appers only after a refresh )
> Why?
> How will it works well? Other Proprerties?
> I also set the -computed on the server- flag for this
> column in the query, but it doesn't work.
> I use only one table, and IB_Query.
> This column is a primary key.
> The trigger:
> IBO version:4.2.Eg

Use 'GeneratorLinks' for this insert.


The reason is that IBO need to know the ID (primary key) of
the line you are inserting before you insert it, so that it
knows it is in the buffer. Because the ID changed when the
trigger fired, the only way of restoring it was to refresh
from the server, the local buffer does not know the ID. IBO
manages this by getting the ID itself via the
'GeneratorLinks' and so it does not 'loose it'.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services