Subject Re: [IBO] BufferSynchroFlags don't work
Author Artur Anjos
Can you show me the code of your query? And the code of your table?

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From: Radovan Antloga
Sent: Saturday, October 20, 2001 7:58 PM
Subject: Re: [IBO] BufferSynchroFlags don't work

Hi Artur Anjos

For test I'm using DbGrid because it is easy to use than DeveloperExpress grid.
I have KeyLinks property with ID and KeyLinksAutoDefine=False also in
GeneratorLinks I have ID=gID. I have trigger as Helen suggested but I still can't
see new record after post because record disappears. I can send you example.
Thanks for your answer!

Rado Antloga
I'm also using Developer and it's ok. What do you have to check:

a) On your TIBOQuery, check the Keylinks property. I will assume for this example that 'ID' is your keylink. So, put 'ID' on your Keylink property and set KeyLinksAutoDefine to False. Also in TIBOQuery, set the GeneratorLinks property to something like ID=YourGeneratorName.

b) On your 'before insert' trigger, check for Null Value:

Note on this trigger: that's not necessary at all for this example. The value ID will never be null, because IBO will take care of that. So, that's a good practice to put this code, because it will only run if you are inserting rows outside your application.

c) On your Quantum Grid, set KeyField to ID. This is need if you will use "Load All Records" on your Quantum Grid.

That's all. I hope it helps.

Artur Anjos

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