Subject Can you explain more about upgrade subscriptions !
We decided to buy IBObjects components because they are
the best we have ever seen. We tested dbExpress, SQLDirect,
IBX and our applications are now based on BDE. IBO is not
so easy to use but it works just as it should. We will use
iboTDataset objects because we are migrating from BDE to IBO.
For now we would only need that components and can't decide
what is best option to buy IBO. We understand that we have
to purchase an upgrade subscription after a year from your original
purchase date for minor upgrades and every six months for
major upgrades. Is that possible only for bundles or even for
single modules. We found only information (price) about upgrade
IBO 3.x to the Data Access Bundle. There is also no information
about upgrade prices. How we can get that?

I can tell you once agan that IBO is realy the best. If you
compare with others just how they handle Refresh and you will
see that only BDE and IBO works ok. For test we use DbGrid to
show data. BDE with TTable is working fine. dbExpress have bug
when RefreshRecord is used and you can only use ClientDataset
for updating data. SQLDirect doesn't support Refresh (record) jet
you can only refetch all data to see changes made by triggers.
IBX is moving record position always to last position in grid.
IBX also doesn't have so much flexibility as IBO does. We found
that we don't need to use persistent fields any more and we
can also have data dictionary outside of application with IBO.
We found that we can have now applications without Lookup fields
so we can speed up things a lot. So IBO gives you a lot more
than BDE does. You can tune TIBOQuery as much as you like you
can't do nothing like that with IBX. I can say that IBO is
for profesional use and IBX is very far from that.
Sorry if I was to long.

Best Regards
Rado Antloga