Subject RE: [IBO] Is IBO is ready for Delphi 6 SP 1 ?
Author Norman Dunbar

Service pack 1 for Delphi 6 was buggy in that it broke variants.

This has now been fixed - I had an email from Borland two days ago informing
me that service pack 1 had been fixed and re-released as 'service pack 1' -

I have the Personal edition of Delphi 6 and IBO 4 installs easily - much
easier than getting it into C++ Builder :o) but I cannot use the BDE or Web
components due to missing bits of VCL in the Personal edition. I simply
didn't compile or install any of the packages with 'X' or 'W' in their



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Subject: Re: [IBO] Is IBO is ready for Delphi 6 SP 1 ?

Frankly, I don't know the answer to either of your questions since I have
not installed them and tested. I imagine if changes are necessary they
should be slight. (Keep in mind you do get the sources with a registration.)
I also heard there are problems with the Service Pack #1 and variants.
Perhaps someone can confirm this?

Jason Wharton
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