Subject Re: [IBO] Migrating BDE/MIDAS applicaiton to IBObjects and MIDAS
Author Jason Wharton

> Have you considered using IBX?
> We do not use MIDAS, but a simple BDE conversion was painless.
> The big difference for me was that all I had to replace was the database
and query components (& add transactions). I have
> found the TDataSet component very smooth and fast.
> I would not reject IBX out-of-hand. It is a much easier replacement and if
you applications are not extremely complex it may
> work well for you too.

Much easier than what?

What is your definition of "extremely complex"?

Ed, I think you better do some more homework and research on both sides of
the fence before you come in here stating what you have.

IBX doesn't even come close to doing all of what the BDE based components
did for you and IBO does all the BDE stuff did and a whole lot more, minus
the BDE's quirks. Conversion to IBX is quite a painful task for just about
any application on the BDE compared to what IBO allows. If it is easy to
convert it to IBX then it would convert to IBO in merely seconds. How long
would it take you to port the MastApp from BDE to IBX? In IBO it takes you
about 1 minute if you follow the simple instructions in my conversion guide.

IBX also "redefines" a lot of things into a quirky mess. Things like
RecordCount, Refresh, Filter, etc. are broken in my opinion. There are
things it does differently that you wont catch unless you examine very
closely what is going on. You seem to pass off the transaction issue as no
big deal. Well, for a lot of people it is a bid deal and some of the recent
developments in IBX transactions are corrupting a lot of people's units of
work, not to mention how horribly buggy it has been in the past and that it
holds open transaction handles when a dataset is merely active. The sad
thing is most people aren't going to be aware of it until at some point they
are going to have fluky problems in their data. This is an utter disgrace to
InterBase and Borland in my opinion.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ