Subject RE: [IBO] Re: IBObjects and Rave 4
Author Mike Hickman
Hi Elmar,
Only to pleased to be able to contribute at last !!

I have used both, but prefer the native IB_query. With this the sql is
defined in Rave. If you use the Tdataset then you define the sql in the
Delphi calling form. Matter of programming preference I think. As I said
before , passing parameters can be a pain and I think Nevrona may need to do
a liitle more work on this. Apart from this 'quirk' it is a very powerful
product which I am sure will improve as it setttles down.

I have not used it yet but their Report Server concept shows a lot of

Link to Rave new is The NewsGroup is not so active these

I have found Rave to be able to handle all of my humble needs. I dont know
if the demo version contains the IBO links but I am sure if you asked they
will oblige.

If I can help further please let me know..

Mike Hickman

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Subject: [IBO] Re: IBObjects and Rave 4

Hi Mike,

thanks a lot for your answer. Are you using native IB_Query's or
TDataset descendend IBO_Query's ?

It would be more easier o use native IB_QuerY's, because
no "duplicate Query's", one for the form and one for then report will
be needed.

Is there any Nevrona forum ?

Elmar Knoezer

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