Subject RE: [IBO] IBOPipeline for IBO V4.x?
Author Kaputnik

if you are on Delphi5 or less, simply add the path
$(DELPHI)\source\toolsapi to your library-path.
If you are on Delphi 6, you will need to convert the Package to a
runtime-only package, delete the register-proc, and create a small unit
in any other designtime_only_-package that uses the pipeline-unit and
register it there into the palette.
Delphi6 is more strict with designtime and runtime separation and does
explicitly not allow anymore to use the Designtime stuff like DesignIntf
(which is called different in D6 also I think) to be used in any package
that could be runtime (meaning all packages where designtime+runtime or
runtime is checked).

CU, Nick

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> From: Kevin Stanton [mailto:Kevin.Stanton@...]
> Sent: Tuesday, October 16, 2001 12:03 AM
> To: IBO List
> Subject: [IBO] IBOPipeline for IBO V4.x?
> Has anyone compiled the IBOPipeline w/ V4 yet?
> I am trying and have got it down to one error:
> [Fatal Error] IBOPipelineRegUnit.pas(16): File not found:
> TIA,
> Kevin
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