Subject Re: [IBO] IBO Transactions
Author Geoff Worboys
> > Sandeep, what IBO and Delphi version are you using?
> Dephi 5, IBO 3.6.Di

Your simplest option is (as Jason suggested) to drop TIB_SessionProps
onto the mainform and set AllowDefaultConnection to false. (It will
work even for IBO TDataset stuff.)

If looks like the fix for the actual problem never made it to 3.6.Di.
If you want to apply it yourself then edit IBA_Statement.IMP and
change the following functions as shown...

function TIB_Statement.IsConnectionStored: boolean;
Result := Assigned( IB_Connection );
// if Result and IB_Session.AllowDefaultConnection then
// Result := not UsingDefaultConnection;

function TIB_Statement.IsTransactionStored: boolean;
Result := Assigned( IB_Transaction );
// if Result and IB_Session.AllowDefaultTransaction then
// Result := not (( IB_Transaction = FIB_Transaction ) or
// UsingDefaultTransaction );

The above is a direct copy from v4 - where you can see the code that
has been commented out (the code is still active in 3.6.Di and I think
that is your problem).


Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing