Subject Re: [IBO] Array Columns - Employee.gdb
Author Geoff Worboys
> There is *something* about the arrays setup in
> employees.gdb that won't work with > 5.x (I can't
> remember the exact details) but Claudio is
> rebuilding that database so that it will work
> properly with IB 6 & Firebird...

I first discovered a problem using IB5.6 and the employee.gdb that was
distributed with that version. But that was just a test run with my
backup utility, so I reverted to FB 0.9.4 and discovered more
problems. Perhaps the employee database is truly corrupt in some way.

I think I will setup my backup utility so that backup does a GetArray,
PutArray (and avoids the variant processing altogether). Then setup
the Restore to use Assign via variant which will result in the
verification of the array data as is happening now.


Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing