Subject problems using tib_ctrlgrid
Author Helmut Steinberger

I want to use the tib_ctrlgrid to display data from a view consisting
of 2 tables.

The query is for example:

tbl1.field1, tbl1.field2,
tbl2.field3, tbl2.field4
from tbl1
left outer join tbl2 on ( =

I put several TIB_Text components onto the grid to display the fields
from the view.
This doesn't work as expected. When showing the form with the grid,
the grid isn't displayed correctly (strange optic of the first row,
unexpected ordering and strange onclickbehavior).

After that I tried to put two queries onto the form.
query 1:
select * from tbl1

query 2:
select * from tbl2

I linked the 2 queries with mastersourceproperty and masterlinks.
then I used the two corresponding datasources to link the TIB_Text
components to them.
The fields of the mastersource are displayed correctly. The fields of
the detailsource are not displayed.

What is the correct way to display data from more than one table on a