Subject Re: [IBO] ib_storedproc parameters
Author Lucas Franzen
What does the SQ-property of the StoredProcs conmponent look like?

Does it work when you're executing them inside TIB_DSQL statements; you
have to enter the SQL manually then, like: "execute procedure sp_test (
:param1, :param2, ...)"?


comesailing@... schrieb:
> Help with stored procs Please !
> I have a program which uses stored proces extensively.
> It has work for a couple of years but I have upgraded from IBobjects
> 3.6 to 4.?
> AND I have gone from Delpi4 to D6 AND from interbase 5.5 to firebird.
> Yes I know one should make one change at a time !!
> However I now get 'parameter mismatch' when almost every stored
> program is called.
> I did use 'now' within IB and thought that was the cause. So took it
> out. Still the same effect.
> I use autoparameters for the stored proc which worked fine. But on
> close examination I see that I have parameters in my stored procs
> which are not fields of the relation to which it refers.
> This used not to matter. I assume the autoparams were obtained from
> the stored proc. But now it looks as though they are obtained from
> the relation ??
> Anyway it looks as though I shall have to tell each stored proc its
> 'ParamNames'. In which case do I have to precede them with '?' or ':'
> or nothing.
> e.g. storedproc1.paranames.add('surname,firstname,...');
> or storedproc1.paranames.add(':surname,:firstname,... ');
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