Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_Lookup List Question
Author Jason Wharton
This is a bit of a difficult thing to do using a client/server database.
Each little move of an item causes the refresh of two datasets which can be
somewhat inefficient. There are some things in IBO that will help and it is
possible to be done. Unfortunately it is rather involved...

Not sure where to start but you need to learn how to tap into some of the
advanced features of IBO. For example, it is possible to bump a record out
of a dataset. When moving a record from one list to the other you know which
record is going to be moved so you just delete it from the buffer. This
avoids a refresh in one of the queries. On the other one it is a little more
difficult. Calling RefreshKeys will allow the dataset to refresh just record
keys and thus pick up the new one added to the list.

Hope this give you at least a start in the right direction.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] TIB_Lookup List Question

> Hello Everyone!
> I am trying to develop a deposit form. On this form I have two
> TIB_Lookup List Boxes with two buttons in between with arrows on
> them. I want to be able to populate the box on the left with records
> marked for deposit. I want the user to be able to select items in
> the box and click on the arrow to move them to the box on the right
> where they can be "deposited". I am not sure I am using the right
> control for this. Should I use the TIB_String List Box instead? Am
> I using the wrong control all together? I want this to work like the
> project options boxes in Delphi where you can move the form names
> around deciding which ones will autocreate.
> Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. This is such a
> wonderful site and has helped me immensely while learning to program
> in Delphi with IBObjects.
> Thank you.
> Kristy
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