Subject Re: [IBO] Managing transactions in mixed IBO/BDE environment
Author Jason Wharton
Makes sense. Thanks for taking a moment and shedding a little more light on
your situation.

Good luck!

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: Re: [IBO] Managing transactions in mixed IBO/BDE environment

> Jason,
> > It is very easy to switch over to IBO from the BDE. Just use the
> > tool and do it all in one whack.
> I know it, it's one of the things I show at my classes. :-)
> > If this doesn't work for you I am keenly interested in why.
> Well, first off I don't actually want to "switch": the BDE is needed in
> the project.
> Second, the components I use are custom derivations of BDE components,
> and replicating all the functionality in new custom derivations of IBO
> components (and testing it all) would take time I don't have (I am here
> to help my client actually *save* time <g>). Instead, if I can just
> reimplement and test the few features I need in specific places then
> it's much easier. For the same reason, the GReplace approach won't work
> for me, I need to edit the dfms manually (I would have to do it anyway
> just to set the KeyLinks).
> Anyway I think that even without sharing the transaction context my job
> is feasible anyway.
> The benefits of IBO will certainly be obvious to everybody involved in
> this project, but it will take some time.
> Ciao
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