Subject Re: [IBO] Managing transactions in mixed IBO/BDE environment
Author Nando Dessena

> It is very easy to switch over to IBO from the BDE. Just use the GReplace
> tool and do it all in one whack.

I know it, it's one of the things I show at my classes. :-)

> If this doesn't work for you I am keenly interested in why.

Well, first off I don't actually want to "switch": the BDE is needed in
the project.
Second, the components I use are custom derivations of BDE components,
and replicating all the functionality in new custom derivations of IBO
components (and testing it all) would take time I don't have (I am here
to help my client actually *save* time <g>). Instead, if I can just
reimplement and test the few features I need in specific places then
it's much easier. For the same reason, the GReplace approach won't work
for me, I need to edit the dfms manually (I would have to do it anyway
just to set the KeyLinks).

Anyway I think that even without sharing the transaction context my job
is feasible anyway.
The benefits of IBO will certainly be obvious to everybody involved in
this project, but it will take some time.