Subject Still Edit/Update problems when SQL contains quotes!
Author Lukas Zeller
Hello Jason,

in September, I reported a problem (new in IBO4, was ok in IBO 3.x)
with Queries getting non-Editable when Table names are is specified
in quotes as in:


You replied:
>I found the problem and it will be fixed in the next subrelease.
I now have downloaded IBO 4.2 Eg. Is this bug supposed to be fixed
there? It now looks different now.
Before, data aware controls behaved as if the query was read-only,
now I can start editing, but when changes are posted an Exception
is raised:

"Unable to initialize default EditDSQL"

As soon as I remove the quotes, everything is fine.

As nobody else seems to be running into this problem, I assume
that nomody is quoting table names except me??? I wonder why;
my idea was that by using the quotes I can generally avoid
ANY possible name clashes with reserved words. It thought that
was a clean concept. Not that I use reserved words for
table or column names myself, but I remembered situations when
I had to port some old data where changeing names were not
an option.
For my current work, I can omit the quotes if the problem
is not minor to fix in IBO.

Lukas Zeller (luz@...)
Synthesis AG, Sustainable Software Concepts