Subject Correct use of transactions for 24x7
Hi all

I have a small application that is written in Builder 4, using
IBO3.6 and IB6. The application receives data from an external card-
reader at a maximum rate of about 5 records per second. This data is
placed in a single-table database. The client wants to see the last
50 records in a grid-type display, updated at least once a second.
The application also need to approach 24x7 operation.

Currently, I am using one transaction for writing data to the
database, performing a CommitRetaining after every post. For
displaying data in the grid, I use another transaction, refreshing
the query when new data is received.

I want to make the following modifications, but would like hear any
comments, especially regarding the 24x7 operation.

1. Data is buffered and written to the database only once a second.
The transaction is opened, data is posted, and the transaction is
completed with a 'Commit'.

2. For data display use the following procedure : open transaction;
get top 50 records; wait 1 second; close transaction (Commit); open
transaction; get top 50...

I would have liked to close the transaction immediately after
fetching the data, but then the grid data is cleared - any
suggestions will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Riaan Bosch
South Africa