Subject Re: [IBO] Sample IBOQuery (project) questions
> >I think I'm getting too confused because I'm trying to skip learning
> >Delphi and jumped straight into IBO. All we need is a TDBGrid type
> >display for a single table showing the blob column (user can dble-click
> >to open) and the other 3 columns. An IBOQuery runs when the user
> >presses a button. I don't want to go near the BDE.
> We are not talking about going near the BDE. The data access components you are using (those with the TIBO* prefix) are designed to _emulate_ their BDE equivalents, so that you can use the TDatasource and the controls from the native Delphi VCL.

Starting point.

Start a new project

Don't go near the IBO component tab ( iboTDataset )!

Put in a TIB_Connection ( iboCore ) and <Double Click> on it
to set it's values, you can check in the pop-up if you can
actually connect.

Set its property 'LoginPrompt' to true - you will see why
when you run the program.

Put in an TIB_Query ( iboAccess ), again <double click> on
it and set the actual fields you want to work with. Here you
can look at the data that it is going to return. ( In an
IB_Grid ! )
When you exit the pop-up - set the 'RequestLive' property to
'true'. This will switch on the clever stuff ( old BDE hands
tend to want it off but that is their loss )

Put in a TIB_DataSource ( iboAccess ) and set its Dataset
property to point at the query.

Put an IB_Grid ( iboGrids ) on the form and connect its
DataSource property to the TIB_DataSource.

Finally switch the 'Active' property on the Query to 'true'
and by magic the data will appear in the grid.

Run the program ( Helen may need to add a note here - on
Builder my connections stay open so everthing works 'from
the box' but we may need to add something to open the
connection in Delphi - its the new 'PasswordRemembered'
stuff which is being too clever at times )

Here ends the first lesson

All the clever layout stuff is controlled by entries in the
TIB_Query pop-up but that is another lesson.

> Those who have been used to the BDE techniques sometimes have a lot of trouble adapting to the native IBO techniques. You are so far fairly uncontaminated, I think! I wonder whether Lester might have some advice on this matter!

Me and Delphi?

Helen -
We aught to say to newcommers who havn't used BDE - don't
use the iboTDataset tab until you are happy with the native
stuff. And then you only need it for third party stuff that
does not understand IBO.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services