Subject Rich Text - (Repost)
Author Lester Caine
I sent this as an eMail 20 hours ago, so it may pop up twice.

There would seem to be a several hour delay between US and UK at the

> have you tried ShellExecute to open Word or Wordpad right inside
your app?
> procedure TMyForm.acOpenWordProcessorExecute(Sender: TObject);
> begin
> if ShellExecute(Application.Handle, 'open', PChar('Winword.exe'),
nil, PChar(MyFilePath),
SW_SHOWNORMAL) < 32 then
> end;

No files in this case - it's free format notes fields for a
meeting management system.

> >Does anybody have any input on two areas please.
> >
> >1/ I could do with a pop-up in the TIB_RichText which allows
> >me to toggle the bold and italic attributes. I've got it on
> >a button at present but has anybody been playing here.
> It's been a little while - but TCustomRichEdit (the ancestor) has
the read/write property
SelAttributes which returns info about selected text.

Yes i've got there, I am just having a little trouble with
adding a right mouse pop-up to the TIB_RichEdit to control
it. I'm still working on that.

> >2/ Any suggestions for a pop-up editor giving access to all
> >the font and colour stuff. I'd like to use this on double
> >click so that most of the stuff is just highlighting but the
> >customer has full edit if they need to break the rules they
> >have defined!
> Take a look at the RichEdit demo in the Delphi ..\Demos directory -
if you don't have it, let me
know, it's just a smallish project.

I've found the Builder one now, and it's fine as a starting
point. If the results look good I'll post it as an add-on.

> >I know I can build my own, I am just trying to save time
> >re-inventing the wheel.
> It might be worth scanning Torry's - there was quite a number of
editor components there when I
was looking a while back.

I've been through Download and Delphi Super Pages but there
was nothing at a sort of intermediate level. All or nothing
solutions only.

Thanks for the kick at the demo's though, I keep forgetting
to dig down there.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services