Subject Access Violation
Author Dale Tabbert

I have a stored procedure that enters values into a couple of
tables. If I call it once and reboot the server everything is fine.
If I call it twice in a row without rebooting I get:

"Access Violation at address 40560C6F in module 'gds32.dll'. Read
address 202020"

Since this DB isn't in production yet, (but we would like it to be by
the end of the week) we have just been recreating the DB from scratch
each time we have changes. About two versions ago, I had this
problem. We just moved the DB to a different box and all went well.
Now with this build we have the same issue.

Does anyone know what may have caused it?
It doesn't happen in isql. I am using IB 6.01, IBO 3.6Ca