Subject Re: [IBO] Sharing Interbase Handle in IBO
Hello Henry,

I found the easiest hybrid development platform using a product by A very elegant thin client approach with
a great appetite for IBO. No Midas required.

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Henry Yong wrote:
> I am converting our Midas application from BDE to IBO. I am very much
> appreciated If anyone can help,
> My original application is using remote data modules sharing one database
> connnection. (using SharedConnection by Dan Miser). On my main RDM, I have
> TDatabase connecting to Interbase and for the child remote data modules, I
> am using the session global variable to retrieve the database connection and
> assign to local TDatabase.
> My development platform is D5SP1, IBO3.6Ca, BDE5.1, TCP/IP connection using
> socket server
> Here are some my problems:
> 1. Coexisting with BDE - I have TIBODatabase variable on each RDM and using
> the GetNativeHandle to grab the database handle and assign to dbHandleShared
> property of TIBODatabase. It works on two of my computers running Win2000
> but failed on Win98. The handle returned generates an exception within IBO
> when I assign the handle to dbHandleShared. One particular instance is if I
> run my appserver first, the same exception occures on Win2000 platform.
> However, if I let midas instantiate the appserver automatically, it works on
> win2000 but still failed on win98. Any ideas for me to hunt?
> 2. How can I share TIBODatabase across multiple RDM? Basically what I want
> to do is create the TIBODatabase on my main RDM and share it with all my
> child RDM. Is there a way to access TIBODatabase connection thru a session
> object such as TSessions in BDE?
> 3. Since I upgrade the application to D5, it failed to runon Win95 machine.
> The error coming back 'The parameter is incorrect'. Is anyone using midas-3
> on win95 platform?
> Thanks
> Henry Yong
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