Subject TIB_Query with Delete
Author Michael L. Horne

I setup DeleteSQL so my user could delete records in
a table that did not request the data with "RequestLive".


This worked fine until I deleted all the displayed
records and tried to delete again. I then got the
following exception:

Record was not located to delete.

I have a TIB_Updatebar that I am using to do the deletes
with. Shouldn't the "Delete" button change to Disabled
when there are no more records. Or at least not return
the exception.

The exception is thrown in IBA_UpdateSQL.IMP line 791.

The final result I am looking for is a way for the user
to display the data and delete some of the records.
Maybe it would be ok to "RequestLive=True" but I don't
know how that will effect the speed of the access.

Michael L. Horne