Subject Re: [IBO] Geekwear
Author Steffen Nyeland
I would (depends on the design :-) ), but maybe shipping cost would kill
the feast - if you could make it digital pls. :-)

The Fleece (without ears!) sounds good also, and maybe at shirt with
matching tie - when we go to the big corps and meet with the suits :-)

I think Jason should follow the Mark Miller/Ray K. approach, giving out
free t-shirt at BorCon if he gets some usefull idea/contributions. :-).

I have no idea, what the marked is. But the "IBPhoenix" t-shirt where the
biggest hit at the conf. (well they where free...).


Helen Borrie <helebor@...> on 07-12-2000 12:45:52

Please respond to


Subject: [IBO] Geekwear

At 12:04 PM 07-12-00 +0100, you wrote:

>We want merchandise (geekwear)!!!!!!!!!! Jason :-)

Who wants geekwear? who would buy an IBO T-shirt if we ordered some?


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