Subject Re[2]: [IBO] TIBOQuery and int64
Author Carlos H. Cantu
Sometimes I get this error too... I could not find the reason, but I
remember one time that I got the error with the following sequence :

1) You have persistent fields
2) You remove one of the fields from the SQL select clause
3) You call the persistent fields window to remove the deleted field

you get the error.

Anyway, in all the cases I had to start with a new TIBOQuery to solve the


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JW> Glad you got it!

JW> Jason Wharton
JW> CPS - Mesa AZ

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>> No no, I didn't want to complain,
>> but support was the only word I found rhyming on report.
>> I dont't know why I got the error: "qryAuftrag: Type mismatch for field
>> 'AUFNR_INTERN', excpecting: Float actual: LargeInt."
>> After I took a knew TIBOQuery with the same settings it works.
>> Thanks,
>> Jörg