Subject Decision Cube Components and IBO/InterBase
Author Isildo Mendes
InterBase, IBOjects ad Decision Cube:

Can I use Decision Query with InterBase and IBOjects?

I can't do that.

So, I use the DecisionCube component and the dataset property is assigned to
a table / query component of IBOjects. The problem is that I canĀ“t get the sum
in the cells of the DecisionGrid.

The table contains 3 fields (DATE, ACCOUNT and VALUE).
In the DecisionCube I set DATE and ACCOUNT as Dimensions, and the field VALUE as
SUM. The DATE is grouped by Month in the DecisionCube.

The problem is that when the DecisionGrid is displayed, it doesn't sum the VALUE field.
The value that appears is the first record in that date.
I think that I must use the DecisionQuery to do that, but how can I make the
connection to my InterBase database with that component ?

Thank you

Isildo Mendes

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