Subject Re: [IBO] Duplicate a record
Author Jason Wharton
> However I dont think you will want to reset fields with default
> values - since these are really only there to fill fields not
> specified by the user, and I would presume that you will only want to
> copy a record that has already been filled in (and/or defaults
> applied).

Under the assumption that the defaults have been applied to the original
record this sounds like the right way to do this.

> It would also be convenient to provide an AfterDuplicate event to
> allow the developer to provide duplication specific initialisation.

OnNewRecord would be such an animal. I suppose a person may want to
distinguish between a normal insert and a duplicate insert so I could add a
flag property to allow for that.

How does that sound?

I'd rather add a public read-only property than a published read/write

Any others?

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ