Subject Re: [IBO] Duplicate a record
Author Geoff Worboys
> Do you like the sound of an InsertCopy method that will insert
> a copy of the existing record?
> Shall I add a button for it on the TIB_UpdateBar?
> Also, I would be sensitive to the GeneratorLinks and
> DefaultValues. They would apply over the top of the copied values.
> Any other thoughts for this?

I have stub functions in my application for a function called "Save
As", and this stuff sounds like the base I need to make that function
do something.

After the duplicate it seems safe and appropriate to reset any
generated fields with a new generator value (since you expect the
generators to fire on any insert).

However I dont think you will want to reset fields with default
values - since these are really only there to fill fields not
specified by the user, and I would presume that you will only want to
copy a record that has already been filled in (and/or defaults

It would also be convenient to provide an AfterDuplicate event to
allow the developer to provide duplication specific initialisation.


Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing