Subject Re: RecordCount (for IBO v4) (or sooner if you like)
Author Kurt Bilde
Hi Helen !

> But Jason is presented with the need to provide for conversions of
> BDE apps
> that use RecordCount for a whole lot of tasks that are valid in
> file-based
> datasets and single users, just for compatibility, i.e. to make
> exactly emulate whatever was implemented in the BDE, good or bad.

It's hard to tell a boss that "I need to rewrite this application
totaly in orden to get it work like a client/server application" when
he needs to spend a server and for 400$ of sourcecode. He simply need
to see things work. Then it would be reasonalble to shift towards
client/server afterward telling the boss "now you have spend a server
and for 400$ of sourcecode - would it be nice if we gets something
of it?"

>One can **advise** people to use good client/server techniques
>but one can't MAKE them.

It would be nice if someone with the knowleagde wrote a tutorial on
the issue "convertion from BDE to IBO" - it would help a lot.

I find the trassition hard and I see this as a two step solution:
1) Convert your BDE app to IBO
2) Optimize you code to client/server

I think that Jason's idea of implementing .RecordCount is very useful
especialy when you need to do things in small steps.
So, Jason just release it, it would help many getting to the end
- making true client/server applications.