Subject Re: [IBO] Import dbf data
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:35 AM 02-12-00 +0100, you wrote:
>Which IBO component would the best/fast to import data from a dbf file
>(450.000 records) to Interbase. This table has all the zipcode's in Holland
>and I want to use it for test/demonstration purpose to see how fast
>Interbase/IBO can be and especially to learn how to optimize querie's.
>So what would be the best/fast way to import the data. I tried an
>IBOTable(sorry...) with a loop. But that is very slow.
In the absence of knowledge of a specific dbf component, I suggest creating
a table in a 5.x database of the same structure as the dbf table and using
either the Delphi datapump utility or a delphi database desktop interactive
query to pass the data straight from the dbf table to the IB 5.x table

If you need to convert the database to IB 6, just gbak the 5.x database
with v.5 gbak and gbak -restore it using the command line version of v. 6 gbak.

If you already have your IB 6 database, simply recreate the table there and
use the ib_wisql datapump to transfer the data from the 5.x database.


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