Subject Re: [IBO] File conversion
At 12:00 PM 12/01/2000 -0700, you wrote:

>If you don't have that, there are lots of tools that spit out SQL from your
>PDOX databases. data.
>Another thing you can do is use the TBatchMove component with the BDE in
>even the Pro version of Delphi and move each table separately.
>I would like to get my TIB_Import component so that it knows how to read a
>.DB file but I'm not there yet.


I had mentioned last summer that I had written a utility that does as follows:

1. Allows user to select a set of target *.db/dbf files.
2. For each *.dbf in the list it
a. Parses out the field names, field length, field types
b. Creates a new table in the InterBase database with the appropriate fields
c. Generates a parameterized INSERT statement
d. Inserts all of the records from the *.dbf

This does not use the BDE or any other intermediary.

It manages fieldname conflicts with IB reserved words. I have only used it
with IB 5.6 and it makes no consideration of dialects and other possible
IB6 issues.
It is directly from the dbf binary to InterBase via TIB_DSQL. It extracts
the fieldnames and datatypes from the dbf header.

It works very nicely for me.

I will send a ZIP archive with the code to you directly (since I can't
attach it to this message) for your use as you wish in connection with

Dennis McFall