Subject Re: [IBO] File conversion
Author Jason Wharton
If you have the client/server or Enterprise version of Delphi use the Data
Migration tool.

If you don't have that, there are lots of tools that spit out SQL from your
PDOX databases. This could then be turned into InterBase SQL scripts with
perhaps a little modification. Then you would need to move the data. There
are different ways to do this too. I think the latest version of IBExpert
(sorry I don't know URL) has an ODBC compliant data pump that should allow
you to move the data.

Another thing you can do is use the TBatchMove component with the BDE in
even the Pro version of Delphi and move each table separately.

I would like to get my TIB_Import component so that it knows how to read a
.DB file but I'm not there yet.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] File conversion

> Hello
> I am in the process of converting an existing application from
> BDE/Paradox to IB6/IBO. Is there any utility that can aid in
> converting existing structures/data to Interbase.
> Thanks