Subject Re: IB_WISQL Datapump

> > I have just been trying the datapump facility for the first time
> > have had mixed success.
> > With very simple src SQL like 'select * from table where
> > and dst SQL 'select * from table' it seems to be missing out some
> > columns.
> >
> > If I look at ItemActions and click prepare then all the included
> > columns have ColumnName=DIRECT and the excluded have

In this instance the ColumnName was a simple char(1) and happended to
be the column used in the where clause of the srcSQL. The data was
transfered but the corresponding destination column was null.

> >
> > What does BASE: mean? Why is it there? Is it what causes the
> > to be excluded? Is the SQL is the right form?

Helen replied that the dstSQL must be an INSERT statement. As it
almost worked with a select statement is this true? Obviously if
you're moving all the columns of a table select * is a lot more
convenient then typing out all the field and param names!

> Base simply means that it wasn't possible for the source or
> buffer pointers to be swapped over to the other's buffer so that
there is no
> need to move the data from one to the other.

Are we talking buffer pointers to any type of data or pointers to
blob data? and presubably we are only talking about moving stuff
within the same DB?

> IOW. If they are all direct is all that is necessary to do is call
the API
> to fetch, then execute, fetch then execute and so on. No need to
fetch, move
> data to dest, then execute. This makes it as fast as is absolutely
> Base just means it has to move the data...

So (assuming a select statement in the dstSQL was OK)why do columns
with BASE: come out as null after the transfer?