Subject RE: [IBO] row update problem
The database design is a work of art... been doing it
for many years... unfortunately good databasedesign
can't get around borlands bugs or anyone elses..


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Subject: RE: [IBO] row update problem

At 08:56 AM 31-12-00 -0500, you wrote:
>thanks.. i already had one setup so using that worked..
>i hate these problems.. causes a loss of time on everyones part..
>being new to ibo i thought it was something i configured wrong
>(most problems are cause by a lack of knowledge).. I spent
>needless hours searching and reconfiguring.. unfortunately
>the egroups messaging facility is marginal for accessing
>information.. is there a standard newgroup available???

You may be able to get at some of the older archives from the InterBase
search at
Unfortunately we no longer have a newsgroup facility. A great deal of the
list archive is in the FAQ on the ibobjects website and there is much more
to come.

The Help file has a lot of info. The Delphi helpfile also includes some
discussion of datatypes suitable for keys (but not much). A good book on
database design can be a friend in need...

Next time, ask the list about a problem *before* it starts to drive you
crazy. :))

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