Subject Re: [IBO] IBO advantages over IBX
There is only one problem when looking at the differences between IBO
and IBX. You have to be using both in the real world to make any

Those of us who found IBO at the right time are not going to waste time
even installing IBX. So we keep our heads down and keep a clean
development base. Jason has enough to do without looking at IBX as well.

For those who have years of Delphi 4 and earlier code, they are
reluctant to move to Delphi 5, for good reason, it takes a long time to
change. I am C++ based and delayed moving from OWL based stuff until
Builder 3 had been out a while, so that I did not start a move until
Builder 4 was due. I had not finished that move when Builder 5 came out,
and only really moved on to that because of the problems getting BDE
working in Builder 4. Borland have done themselves no favours in the way
they have managed updates, BDE has NEVER worked properly. I switched to
Codebase and have systems running in OWL that have run for years and did
not even need changes for Y2k. I was forced back to BDE because of the
switch to Builder, and it was only after a second try with IBO that I
started to get back to stable applications, after a break of some 3
YEARS trying to get Builder/BDE applications stable ( no growth! ).

Jason may remember that I 'lost' 7-8 months of possible IBO development
because my intial attempt to switch was not sucessful. The problem at
that time turned out to be all the crap I had added to make BDE stable (
IBX did not really exist at that time! ).
Once I started again with a clean IBO application everthing ran nicely,
but I I still trying to UNDO 3 years of crap!

Lets not worry about comparisons with IBX, if people want to waste time
on it, it is up to them. We just need to keep IBO ahead of the game. ( I
will get onto a tree component this holiday ! )

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services