Subject Problems with TwwIBOQuery and Params (Invalid Variant Operation - when opening detailquery)
Author Christian Kaas

i have the following situation:

Classic master detail tables using TwwIBOQuery Components (Infopower
rulez here).
In the detail query i linked both using the dataset property.
the master primary key field is a ID field defined as numeric(14,0) as
well as the detail field.
When i link the queries using the datasource property of the detail and
try to open the detail or master i get an "Invalid variant Operation"
the master PK field is a TLargeint field in delphi as well as the client
FK field.
I checked the generated param of my query and tried different datatypes
it doesn't work out.

Any ideas (i cannot switch to T_IBxxx components because of Infopower).


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