Subject Re: [IBO] IB Basics?
Author Dennis Fantoni
> But what's most to the point technically is that it is an "extra" piece of
> cargo that isn't needed if you faithfully follow the rules of good
> development practice, e.g. just because you CAN have three variables in
> same scope in C, fred, FRED and Fred doesn't mean you should...just
> you can put blanks in column names in some databases doesn't mean it's a
> good idea...just because some databases let you have columns or tables
> named STATE or TYPE doesn't mean you should. This is not subjective, it's
> plain common sense.
> My 0.545 cents US worth...
> Helen

Hear hear hEar heaR

Sometimes i go nuts when i get to fix other ppl's code, and they've
boobytrapped it bc it "looked nice" or bc it was possible to do something
really weird. In Delphi it is hard to boobytrap, but excessive use if with
is a good start. esp. if you use objects a lot. inside 3 with's and some
nested if's it's hard to figure out what object self refereces right now.
esp. if the with line is above the current top of screen.

Sorry for being offtopic, and happy new year to all.

Dennis Fantoni

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