Subject Re: [IBO] More TIB_DateTimePicker problems for Time field
Author Marco Lauria
At 22.37 28/12/2000 -0700, you wrote:
>> Now when I enter a time in the TIB_DTP and tab to the next control the
>> time resets back to the default time for the object. When I post the
>> record the time field is blank.
>> I looked at the files in the zip file and the last change to the
>> TIB_DTP was made back in 1999 so it looks like something else has
>> changed to cause this control to act erratic. I was using it
>> previously and it worked fine but now it don't...
>> Also, is there a way to have the TIB_DTP show the calendar for a date
>> field without having to click on the down arrow? Right now I am using
>> a non-data aware calendar component and linking it to a IB_Edit
>> component to post the selected date to the table.
>The date time picker control is really difficult to work with and I have all
>but given up supporting it. I would really prefer to enhance the existing
>TIB_Date control or add in a new TIB_Time control.
>How do others feel about this?
Add a TIB_Time Control,
but make sure to allow two controls one regarding Date
and one regarding Time to coexist on the same
With regards,
Marco Lauria