Subject Re: [IBO] Re: TIB_Memo
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:30 AM 29-12-00 +0000, you wrote:
>Discovered the problem but don't know why. Hope you can shed some
>light on this. Have a routine I call on all my forms to enable or
>disable the edits based on the tables state.
>If the state is dssbrowse, the edits are disabled otherwise the edits
>are enabled. In formshow, I open the table then call this routine.
>This has the effect of disabling all of the edits since the tables
>state is dssbrowse at this time. When the user presses the add
>button, I do an append then call the routine to enable the edits.
>This works great but not with IB_Memos. The IB_Memo is enabled (you
>can focus on it) but you can not enter anything.
>This is what I discovered:
>Assume IB_MEMO1.enabled = False
>If I do the following:
>IB_Memo1.Enabled := True
>The IB_Memo will be enabled but you can not enter anything in it.
>If I do:
>IB_Memo1.Enabled := True;
>All works fine. It has to do with whether the IB_Memo is enabled
>before or after the append, edit, etc.
>Is there a reason for this ?

Darned if I know. I can't see the point of disabling controls, since the
mode of the datasets enables/disables them anyway. You can set AutoEdit
off if you don't want a keystroke to shift the dataset into Edit mode.

I guess you must have some reason why you don't want the controls to get
the focus in browse mode; but I wonder how you could browse an ib_memo
when it's disabled.

Also, why are you using Append? Just curious...


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