Subject Re: [IBO] Invalid Pointer Error while using CacheUpdates
Author Jason Wharton
> I get an "Invalid pointer error" when I exit from an application that
> have a Query in CU with a cache that has updatespendings.
> With version 3.6A the updatespendings were simply canceled but now
> with version 3.6Ca, I have this new error...
> Jason, you asked me a sample project, I sent it to you on the 18th of
> december. I didn't get any answer, did you receive my e-mail with the
> sample project ? Did you find the solution ?

I received it and plan to work on it. Not to make you feel guilty... but I
decided to enjoy Christmas this year, unlike last year when the IB blow-up
consumed me...

There always seems to be a bug or two that I *could* work on but this year I
think I got my priorities more correct.

I'll see about getting to it ASAP.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ