Subject More about TIB_DateTimePicker for TIME field
Author Hug
I'm following the thread opened by myself and continued by Gerald S. Brown
and I'm still confused. There is something strange with this. I'm not able
to make working a data-aware control for a TIME (only time) field.
Environment: C++B5 - IB6 - IBO3.6A - Database in dialect 3
I'd build a simple sample:

ID integer not null primary key,
Name varchar(40),
wakeuptime TIME,
closetime TIMESTAMP,
birthday DATE);

I put on a form a TIB_Grid and 3 TIB_DateTimePicker:
TIB_DTP1 for wakeuptime with kind=dkTime
TIB_DTP2 for closetime with kind=dkTime
TIB_DTP3 for birthday with kind=dkDate

Browsing the grid, each row shows properly the times and the date, but only
the TIB_DTP for date shows correct value. The other controls show like a
"default value" time (hour and minuts when I executed the project), and
changes on grid don't rebound on them.
What's wrong here? Please give me a light.