Subject Re: [IBO] Need 2 databases in rBuilder with IBO
Author Kevin Everhart
I do it a bit different. I have multiple Queries which can be multiple
tables in one database or multiple tables in multiple databases.

The results of the Queries are fed into an Array, then I create a comma
delimited txt file with the Array. Then assign the TppReport a
TppTextPipeline using the built txt file.

Works like a champ. Some of my reports have to run as many as 9 Queries to
get all the data needed for the report.

I could send you an example if you like.

Hope this helps

wes@... wrote:

> Martin,
> >How can I connect to 2 dbs?
> I'm assuming that, by 2dbs, you mean two tables (or queries). If so,
> all you need to do is provide a TppDataPipeline for each.
> Now, you can only assign one of them to the TppReport. But, in the
> report designer, you can assign any of the report controls to any of
> the pipelines.
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