Subject Need 2 databases in rBuilder with IBO
Author Martin Schmid
Hi to all and merry Xmas,

I am a new user of rBuilder and have now the problem:

I have 2 Interbase databases. I one of them are the textes in the
other are grafics. I need both in of report!

In the settings if the ppDesigner I can connect only to one db!

DataSettings.DatabaseName = 'conWWS'
DataSettings.SessionType = 'IBOSession'
DataSettings.AllowEditSQL = True
DataSettings.DatabaseType = dtInterBase
DataSettings.DataDictionary = dmHaupt.ppDataDictionary
DataSettings.IsCaseSensitive = True
DataSettings.SQLType = sqSQL2
DataSettings.UseDataDictionary = True

How can I connect to 2 dbs?

Best Martin