Subject Navigation and Post on a TIB_Grid with RETURN key
Author Hug
IB 6, IBO 3.6 and C++B 5
I have an updatable, insertable TIB_Grid with


and I try to "substitute" TAB key behavior with the RETURN key.
At the moment, when the user press RETURN, on TIB_GridKeyPress I make:

if(IB_Grid->Col >= IB_Grid->FirstTabCol && IB_Grid->Col < IB_Grid->LastTabCol)

and then, next control on grid get focus correctly.

But, at LastTabCol, I can't make IB_Grid->Row++ because new row not exists yet (and I get "Grid index out of range" error).
I tryed IB_Grid->KeyDown() but, of course, this method is not accessible.
All I need is, at last column, simulating the DOWN key or the TAB key behavior, that is to say, Post current record, put state on Insert for a new record and locate focus on first column next row.
How this can be solved?

I hope to be understood. I promise to improve my english for the new year.
By now, merry christmas everybody and happy holidays (Bon Nadal, as it's said on my country)


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