Subject Re: [IBO] GridColWidth
Author Lucas Franzen
Harald Klomann schrieb:
> Hi,
> how can I check out, if a grids columns width is big enough
> to display the entire text it has to display ?


Additional question:

TIB_Grid is a subclass of TIB_CustomGrid which is a subclass of

TCustomGrid has a property
ColWidths[Index: Longint]: Integer;

Where is this property in the IB_Grids???? It vanished....

I can determine how wide the text in a column is when moving with the
mouse over the grid, but I can't see how to find out how wide the
current column in the grid (where the mouse is moving over) is.

If the column size hasn't changed it seems to be the default width.
otherwise the width is in the FieldDisplayWidth-property of the
underlying query.